To gain tenths, join the Bump Rubber Top Teams!

SMAC has developed a wide range of elastomer bump bumpers called SMACBUMP®, with different shaft diameters and heights.

SMACBUMP® are manufactured in solid rubbers and are not manufactured in PU Foam.

  • 100% Aerospace Grade Rubbers
  • 100% stiffness tested
  • Accurate performances
  • High durability (24h races and over)


Two different materials for different use:

  • SMACTANE® for High Damping
  • SMACSTIC® for High Elasticity


On wheel dampers

  • Combine softer spring with wall effect
  • Provide wall effect at end of braking
  • Reduce free play for better handling
  • Fasten car ride height on straight line

On the third element

  • Stiffness progressivity
  • Longitudinal ride height effect
  • Better handling
  • Fasten car ride height on straight line

Minimum order : 4 SMACBUMP.

SMAC uses to develop custom SMACBUMP® for your specific application!

Track proven!

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